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brand new to our salon?? i've got you covered

Ill fill you in on the tips and tricks of getting to the salon, what to expect coming in the door and what changes we have made after Covid. Here's the first secret, the GOOGLE address listed for the salon can be a little funny and has gotten plenty of people lost! Not kidding, if you put 330 3rd Ave in your gps, you'll be directed right to our front door and not driving all over downtown which is never fun! Also $10 day parking at the corner of 2nd and J St. is just around the corner of the salon. The two hour metered parking will NOT be enough time if you're in for anything more than a haircut. Believe me the $10 parking is much cheaper than a parking ticket. 

Expect to move around the salon

Be sure to keep your mask on and expect to be temperature checked at the door. You'll then put on our cleaned and sanitized smock, and seal up your clothes and belongings in a sanitized bag. Every newcomer gets a tour of the salon before you're seated so you can be acclimated with our layout. All chemical services take place in our most magnificent color bar shown in this picture. I know it looks fake right?! Nope, it's really that beautiful, you have to come and see for yourself. If that doesn't draw you in then our washhouse experience will. You will be moved around the salon for different services and after your color is done processing we'll take you into our hidden spa, candlelit with soft music. You'll receive not only a rinse but a scalp and neck massage that will change your life!

our styling stations are the most ergonomic in the bizz!

After the washhouse experience we move to the haircutting and styling stations. So, ergonomic hairstyling stations? What does that mean for you? It means we have all the resources to work quickly and efficiently to get you looking good and back into your daily schedule. I know sometimes we have to spend a few hours in the salon but if I can shorten that by 10/15 even 20 min, then I will! I know your busy and don't have all day. That why our hair dryers are the most high powered on the market and they even hang from the ceiling to remove the stress of feet tangles! That dang cord! 


to learn about your new hair stylist!

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