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Welcome to my Business! 


Hello Goreous

I'm Ariel,

....... I was not a little girl with a dream to grow up and do hair. I wanted to be a scientist and work in a lab, hair just was what I did for fun. I fell into cosmetology because I thought it would be easy and i'll do it for "now".... I had a few realizations, one it's not easy, not even a little. and two I want to do this job now and forever because I LOVE it. Bonus, I'm still a scientist!!! I do chemisty every day on peoples heads  


outside of the salon....

...... My fur babies are my whole world! Molly is 10% cockapoo and 100% nut job. Literally the love of my life. Catch me in the salon in shorts and youll see my prized molly tattoo.

I've also got two kitties, Matthew and Stafford (only my sports fans will understand their names) both rescues, and couldn't be more polar opposite cats but they're the best! After a long day on my feet behind the chair I love coming home to couch snuggles with these three. 


Working in the salon...

....... . I am fortunate enough to be trained under the most amazing global educators for Paul Mitchell. Robert Cromeans is a Global Artistic and Business Director for Paul Mitchell and I am thrilled to call him my boss and a friend. Mary Cuomo-Cromeans is an International Educator and my personal mentor.  Stephanie Kocielski is one of the most sought-after platform artists in the wold, and the most vibrant Bee-atch you've ever met in your life. I count my lucky stars every day that I get to work along side these amazing artists. 


My favorite way to end the day is with a home cooked meal. I love cooking and have tons of recipes up my sleeve, lets swap some recipes because I love exploring new foods.  

I consider myself pretty artistic, I love painting, designing and being creative. Do you have any crafty projects your working on?


I change my hair a lot! It's not to confuse you and keep you guessing what I'm going to look like next time you see me, I swear! It's an addiction! Your hair has the power to completely change your whole look. In a matter of a couple hours you can be a completely new person. I love embracing change and growth within myself so watching my clients make changes for themselves is such an amazing thing to be apart of. We all deserve to feel beautiful. Let me help you look your best!



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